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Every day, your skin is being exposed to harmful toxins and pollutants. These toxic elements can speed up your skin’s natural aging process, leaving you with fine lines and wrinkles. To help you maintain your skin’s youthful glow, the Health Ranger Store has partnered with Nahaia Active Organics to bring you Liquid Gold Nourishing Oil, a luxurious blend of organic oils and colloidal gold specially formulated to nourish, firm, and repair the skin.

The name “Nahaia” means “Journey of Eternal Love,” and they are fully committed to producing soulfully crafted, cosmeceutical grade, natural skincare products that help their customers' skin “glow with love” by combining the wholesome goodness of nature with modern science and technology. In addition to Liquid Gold Nourishing Oil, Nahaia also offers a wide selection of ultra-pure, high-quality cleansers, moisturizers, and all-natural anti-aging solutions.

All Nahaia products are manufactured in New Zealand under strict standards and are lab verified for cleanliness and purity. They are also all-natural, non-toxic, vegan, and have not been tested on animals.




If you are suffering from dry skin or simply need to add an anti-aging nourishing oil serum to your daily skincare routine, look no further than Nahaia Liquid Gold Nourishing Oil. Specially formulated to provide deep nutritional support and moisture for your skin, Nahaia Liquid Gold Nourishing Oil is a luxurious blend of organic oils and colloidal gold to nourish, firm, and repair the skin, while helping to improve the appearance of fine lines.

Use Nahaia Liquid Gold as desired on its own or with your preferred Nahaia moisturizer. Nahaia Liquid Gold is ideal as a restorative evening treatment for dry skin. Like all other Nahaia Active Organics products, Liquid Gold is vegan, non-GMO, and lab verified for cleanliness and purity. Add Liquid Gold to your daily routine and watch your skin become more youthful, radiant, and firm.   



The best ingredients deliver the best results, which is why Nahaia Liquid Gold contains only top quality ingredients and bioactives, with no harmful ingredients or chemical fillers. The result is a skincare solution with optimal anti-aging capabilities.

Organic Rosehip, Organic Macadamia Nut, and Organic Evening Primrose Oils –

Colloidal Gold –

Beta Carotene –

The best ingredients deliver the best results, which is why Nahaia Liquid Gold contains only top quality ingredients and bioactives, with no harmful ingredients or chemical fillers. The result is a skincare solution with optimal anti-aging capabilities.

A powerful antioxidant, beta carotene can protect your skin against harmful free radicals. It is micronized and derived from seaweed for optimal skin absorption. Beta carotene helps with clarifying the skin, leaving it glowing and radiant.

Gold has been used in skincare treatments since ancient Egyptian times. A popular ingredient in many anti-aging skincare formulas, colloidal gold has regenerative properties that can support your skin’s natural processes of healing and repair. It also possesses potent antioxidant properties that can protect your skin from oxidative stress.

Nahaia Liquid Gold is a luxurious oil blend that is rich in organic rosehip, macadamia nut, and evening primrose oils to nourish the skin with essential fatty acids and vital nutrients for night-time renewal. They also provide a moisturizing boost to your skin to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as offer superior firming action.

Organic Jojoba and Sunflower Seed Oil –

Organic Carrot Seed and Organic Manuka Oils –

Rosemary Leaf CO2 Extract –

The best ingredients deliver the best results, which is why Nahaia Liquid Gold contains only top quality ingredients and bioactives, with no harmful ingredients or chemical fillers. The result is a skincare solution with optimal anti-aging capabilities.

Jojoba oil and sunflower seed oil are both vegetable oils with impressive fatty acid profiles. Jojoba oil is obtained from the crushed bean of the jojoba shrub while sunflower seed oil is extracted from the fatty kernels of the sunflower plant. Their high concentrations of skin-nourishing nutrients can moisturize your skin and leave it with a healthier natural glow.

Extracted from ground carrot seeds, carrot seed essential oil is a thin, yellow oil that is rich in beta carotene and is highly valued for its soothing and relaxing properties. Manuka essential oil is derived from New Zealand tea tree and contains powerful botanical nutrients. This essential oil blend adds extra nourishment, and provides a pleasant fragrance.

Rosmarinus officinalis is a medicinal herb that also acts as a natural preservative. Its potent extract can provide purifying and toning effects for your skin. It is often found in beauty products since it can improve circulation and support healthy cell renewal.



All the products in Nahaia Active Organics’ line of premium skincare solutions are carefully formulated with two unique features that set them apart from other conventional skincare products:

Grander Living Water – Nahaia doesn’t use regular tap water for their premium skincare solutions. Instead, they use a specialized Grander Living Water system that purifies and activates water into the perfect water molecule for enhanced absorption into the skin.

Micro-Vita Love – Nahaia seeks to connect nature and spirit with science to produce outstanding results. As such, all their products contain “Micro-Vita Love,” Nahaia’s special invention with patent-pending rights, to provide a feeling of loving care and positive energy. It is inspired by higher consciousness and high vibrations for enhanced positivity, peace & love on application.

nahaia intensive c nutrient moisturizer

Intensive CNutrient Moisturizer

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that promotes healthy collagen production and a multitude of other benefits. Intensive C Nutrient Moisturizer has a unique formula that delivers vitamin C straight to your skin where it is readily absorbed. This product also contains argan, rosehip, calendula, and shea butter oils, as well as manikara extract to provide your skin with unmatched hydration and nourishment.

It's important to maintain your skin's optimal pH levels – this product contains non-acidic vitamin C that promotes your skin cells' health and well-being. Its unique combination of nutrients, peptides, plant botanicals, essential fatty acids, and natural minerals moisturizes the skin to improve its clarity, radiance, and complexion. Its intense moisturizing capabilities also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and keep your face looking energized and ready to take on the day.

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laboratory verified
nahaia grape cleanse anti oxidant cleanser

Grape Cleanse Anti-Oxidant Cleanser

non toxic icon

The Grape Cleanse Anti-Oxidant Cleanser is an easy-to-absorb formula that deeply cleanses and delivers nutrients where the skin needs them most. It combines the cleansing power of moringa seed and candle tree extracts with the antioxidant properties of grape seed extract to protect the skin from free radical damage and support its natural healing process.

Powerful ingredients, such as colloidal gold, rosemary, and nettle, enhance the potency of this formulation and make it one of the best natural cleansers on the market. This product not only cleanses and protects, it can also improve your complexion and leave your skin feeling fresh with a healthy glow.

laboratory verified

Coconut Cream Purifying Cleanser

nahaia coconut cream purifying cleanser

Coconut Cream Purifying Cleanser is a luxurious cream cleanser that contains coconut cream, moringa seed extract, candle tree extract, and other potent ingredients known for their ability to protect your skin from common environmental threats. It also contains antioxidants and other nutrients that boost your skin cells' defenses as well as their ability to resist damage.

This product purifies and cleanses the skin for a healthy glow and supports the skin’s natural healing process. You can also use it to effectively remove makeup.

Thanks to its ingredients, the Coconut Cream Purifying Cleanser does much more than cleanse deeply – it also promotes overall cellular health to enhance your complexion and leave your skin looking young and glowing. Like other products from Nahaia, it is formulated with Grander Living Water for easy absorption and Micro-Vita Love to give your skin that feeling of luxurious, loving care.

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nahaia pep me up smoother lines moisturizer

Pep Me Up Smoother Lines

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Pep Me Up Smoother Lines Moisturizer is a powerful product that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin firmness and providing deep hydration with hyaluronic acid crystals. It combines the nourishing power of active enzymes, essential oils, hyaluronic acid, vital skin-enhancing nutrients, hibiscus seed extract and other plant extracts in an easy-to-absorb, luxurious formulation.

Its intense hydrating effect relaxes and enhances the elasticity of your skin, making it smoother and giving you a more youthful appearance. Extracts from papaya and rosehips improve and brighten your complexion, while vitamins C and E promote your skin cells' optimal health. You can use this product not just on your face, but also in other areas where you want smooth and even skin.

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nahaia radiant light hydrating serum

Radiant LightHydrating Serum

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Radiant Light Hydrating Serum is a product that hydrates your skin while protecting it from damage from environmental factors, thanks to its candle tree, calendula, rosemary, and manikara extracts, as well as vital nutrients, minerals, and hyaluronic acid. It also helps increase the skin’s firmness and elasticity.

This hydrating serum comes with an easy-to-absorb formula that penetrates deep into your skin where its many active ingredients nourish your cells and protect them from damage. Its intense hydrating effect keeps your skin looking bright and energized by improving its firmness. As a result, your skin looks and feels younger.

nahaia ultra fade enzyme moisturizer

Ultra Fade Enzyme Moisturizer

Nahaia's Ultra Fade Enzyme Moisturizer is a light, yet rich moisturizer specially formulated for sensitive and sun-damaged skin. It contains a potent combination of enzymes and extracts from pea, papaya, nettle, and rosemary, as well as rosehip, jojoba, and hypericum oils to improve skin clarity. This potent combination makes this product ideal for those who want to moisturize their skin and improve its overall tone.

The product is specially formulated to provide intense hydration to sensitive skin while promoting cellular health and brightening your skin tone. The Ultra Fade Enzyme Moisturizer is ideal for use in areas with stubborn dark spots, whether its minor blemishes or acne scars on your face. For all its power, this product remains light and gentle enough for sensitive and sun-damaged skin.

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Anti-Aging Travel Starter Pack

nahaia anti-aging travel starter pack

Traveling doesn't have to mean neglecting your skin. The Anti-Aging Travel Starter Pack has everything you need to keep your skin rejuvenated wherever you go. It includes a cleanser, moisturizer, and hydrating serum, all containing zero synthetic ingredients. All products are formulated with Grander Living Water, specially purified and activated for optimal absorption by your skin.

This pack includes products that are specially formulated to protect you from common environmental factors that may harm your skin while you're on the go. Traveling can be as stressful as it is fun, so this pack is designed to be as hassle-free as possible. All products are individually stored in airplane-ready containers and packaged in a convenient box that readily fits inside your travel bag, whether you're going for a quick day trip or a long journey.

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Why choose Nahaia Active Organicsskincare solutions?

Many conventional skincare products can cause breakouts, allergies, and irritations through their chemical ingredients. When formulated correctly, natural skincare solutions can transform your skin and provide just as good a result, if not better, compared to any chemical-derived product. Plus, pure, natural skincare is kind to the environment and the skin and poses no potential health problems compared to chemical-based formulas.

Nahaia Active Organics Professional Skin Care has been formulated with only natural and non-GMO ingredients as a base, with potent "active" ingredients that are results-orientated.

Through our partnership with Nahaia, creator of premium skincare products from New Zealand, we are thrilled to launch their newest product, Liquid Gold Nourishing Oil. This formula delivers vital nutrients for night-time renewal and is ideal for normal, and dry skin. You can further revitalize your skin with Nahaia’s wide selection of soulfully crafted cleansers, moisturizers, and all-natural anti-aging solutions. All these products are based on all-natural, non-toxic, non-GMO, and vegan-friendly ingredients that are lab verified for purity and cleanliness.

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laboratory verified
nahaia anti-aging travel starter pack



Grape Cleanse

Anti-Oxidant Cleanser 50g (1.69 fl.oz)

Coconut Cream Purifying Cleanser

50g (1.69 fl.oz)

Liquid Gold Nourishing Oil 30ml 1.01 fl oz

Anti Ageing Travel Starter Pack

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Intensive C Nutrient Moisturiser

50g (1.69 fl. oz)

Pep Me Up Smoother Lines Moisturiser

50g (1.69 fl.oz)

Radiant Light

Hydrating Serum

50g (1.69 fl.oz)

Ultra Fade Enzyme Moisturiser

50g (1.69 fl.oz)

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